About Us

Located right in the heart of the Coffs Harbour CBD, Toogetha.com is the ideal coworking location for solopreneur, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and small businesses up to 10 people (we have some separate office spaces for small organisations at great rates – just ask us).

It can be very challenging and more expensive to work alone. We are here to serve you as a regionally centralised meeting, training, events and coworking space that encourages you to think differently about the way you conduct business. We are fiercely proud local professionals focussed on a positive and bountiful future for the Coffs Coast community. We believe that working collaboratively – toogetha – anything is possible.

We are committed to our local community and pride ourselves in fulfilling the needs of our members. You will find: open space and private offices, 3,000 sq ft of shared working space, conference/training rooms, lounge areas, amenities and kitchen.

At Toogetha.com we want to gather all the change makers of tomorrow in one place to bring down your business costs, encourage collaboration, grow your business and social networks and develop your business savvy though educationally relevant workshops, open-forum talks, social impact hackathons and other local and regionally inclusive events.

We seek to drive local innovation and collaboration. We are focussing on supporting your lifestyle choices as a start-up professional seeking a “sea change”, or if you are from out of town and need a meeting room, training space or desk to call your own for a day or longer.

We are so not your average co-working space, incubator or accelerator. We are a creative hub that encourages social inclusiveness, environmental awareness, business savvy and success through collaboration. If you are looking for a home for your social enterprise then Toogetha.com will support your business know-how, passion for community impact and support your altruistic visions.

If you’re an artist, freelancer, working in a startup or a corporate – we want to help you to be a successful future maker and be part of our business region.  We want to grow local employment opportunities and bring all types of businesses together for better economic and environmental management.

Toogetha.com is your space, your community where we will encourage you to experiment, learn, fail safely and push your boundaries. We are deliberately keeping our prices down to make this space affordable for anyone starting a new business. We have flexible spaces to suit a wide variety of needs. Solopreneur right up to 10 staff. We are here to collaborate and help you grow! Just contact us via email here and we are sure we will have a space to suit your needs.