What’s happening at Toogetha?

Toogetha is a vibrant community hub not just for coworking. Toogetha is all for collaboration, shared experiences, sharing & trading business skills to help each other grow. It is where small to medium businesses unite to collaborate on larger business projects traditionally managed by larger organisations. It is where affordable and professional business professionals provide you with sound guidance, inspiration and education to help your business grow. Because at Toogetha, we are far greater than the some of our parts, so anything really is possible.

Every day, week and month, there is something happening at Toogetha. It could be one of our community members hosting a poetry slam, local TED style talk, Repair Café or corporate event or workshop. We can even host a wedding or funeral.

Please note: If you cannot attend a workshop and are requesting a refund, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for all internally run Toogetha workshops. If the workshop is being run by a third party facilitator, their terms and conditions apply & Toogetha requests you contact the facilitator directly.